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Get started fast with jQuery web programming
The jQuery JavaScript library greatly simplifies the creation of modern, rich web applications, while seamlessly integrating with virtually all leading web development platforms and frameworks. Learning jQuery will guide you through using jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery Mobile in your own projects. One step at a time, you’ll learn how to do everything from adding simple effects through building complete rich Internet applications.
This code-rich tutorial is designed for every working web developer. After clearly explaining all the basics, Ralph Steyer shows how to apply jQuery to create effects, animations, slideshows, lists, drag-and-droppable elements, interactive forms, and much more.
If you’re a web developer with even basic JavaScript experience, Learning jQuery is your fastest route to success with jQuery
• Discover what jQuery can do, and how it works with JavaScript and DOM
• Select components to support dynamic processes
• Manipulate web page content and structure
• Apply and change formatting with CSS style sheets through jQuery
• Handle complex events more effectively and reliably
• Generate time-dependent and time-independent CSS effects
• Expand jQuery’s capabilities with plug-ins
• Use jQuery to create simpler, better, more powerful AJAX code
• Master powerful, flexible jQuery UI plug-ins for visual control and user interaction
• Simplify the creation of jQuery UI interfaces with ThemeRoller
• Master basic rules for successfully working with components and widgets
• Construct touch-enabled mobile front ends with jQuery Mobile
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