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Want to add more interactivity and polish to your websites? Discover how jQuery can help you build complex scripting functionality in just a few lines of code. With Head First jQuery, you’ll quickly get up to speed on this amazing JavaScript library by learning how to navigate HTML documents while handling events, effects, callbacks, and animations. By the time you’ve completed the book, you’ll be incorporating Ajax apps, working seamlessly with HTML and CSS, and handling data with PHP, MySQL and JSON.
If you want to learn-and understand-how to create interactive web pages, unobtrusive script, and cool animations that don’t kill your browser, this book is for you.
Use jQuery with DOM to overcome the limitations of HTML and CSS
Learn how jQuery selectors and actions work together
Write functions and wire them to interface elements
Use jQuery effects to create actions on the page
Make your pages come alive with animation
Build interactive web pages with jQuery and Ajax
Build forms in web applications